Artist Tells the Tale of Former Loves Via Shoe Sculptures

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 8.01.31 PMEvery romance, regardless of how brief or long it may have been, has a story behind it. Some of us may prefer to keep silent about our past loves, but Artist Sebastian Errazuriz is kissing and telling in his new exhibition 12 shoes for 12 lovers–an intimate tribute to a dozen former flames. The overall theme of each relationship is represented by a shoe sculpture and photo, and pertinent details are revealed in brief passages.

The result is an honest look at sex and love. Some Errazuriz’s relationships were brief, some of them of were sad, some of them were scandalous. But those of us who have experienced the slings and arrows of love may find bits and pieces of our own pasts in the summaries. And even if not, each shoe is a stunning portrayal of Errazuriz’s time with each woman. Sculptures range from gold pumps supported on the back of a haggard man to a sleek, sexy stiletto with makeshift brass knuckles and a dagger. The relationships may have ended, but the art work they inspired serves as a moving memento. Check out the exhibit’s website to view the shoes; 10 of the 12 are currently posted.

12 shoes for 12 lovers will be on display Dec. 6 to Jan. 6 at Melissa Pop Up Shop (830 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach) as part of Art Basel.




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