When you’re a kid, your parents will pretty much celebrate anything you do. All your doodles and Popsicle stick projects will more than likely get hung up on the fridge and Christmas tree because your folks want you to grow up with a healthy self-esteem (And because they see your art through the eyes of love.).

Illustrator and graphic-artist, Mica Angelica Hendricks, however, took her love of her child’s art to another level.

Hendricks began co-illustrating with her four-year-old daughter after she brought home a new sketchbook and her daughter insisted that she share it.

“In a very serious tone, she looked at me and said, ‘If you can’t share, we might have to take it away if you can’t share, '” Hendricks recalls.

Hendricks gave in and agreed to let her little Picasso draw the body on a head that she had already drawn. The result was a beautiful, graceful dinosaur-woman.


Loving her daughter’s contributions, Hendricks now regularly leaves floating heads in her sketchbook for her little girl to finish, then goes back and adds color and highlights with acrylics. The two make quite a team. If you’d like to enter for a chance to win an autographed illustration by the artistic duo, go to her blog and submit a collaboration piece of your own. Hendricks and her daughter will select the winner and you can even suggest what you would like them to draw you.



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