Artist Simon Beck Decorates Frozen Lakes One Step at a Time



These intricately shaped 3D snow patterns are the work of French artist Simon Beck. They are amazing winter crop circles that Beck strategically designs so that they have varying 3D effects, depending on what angle you view them from and at what time of day it is. But the most astonishing part of his work isn’t his actual art, but his artistic process. Beck creates every single snow circle by foot, one step at a time.

In the beautiful valley of Savoie, France, overlooking Mont Blanc, you will find Simon Beck walking across frozen lakes, leaving behind a trail of wonder. His meticulous patterns take him hours upon hours to execute, only to be wiped away by freshly fallen snow the next day, or sometimes only hours later. The tragedy of its evanescence is what makes his art so beautiful; fleeting and temporary just like life.



snow-art10 snow-art11




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