Artist Creates Amazing Collages of Creatures Using Nude Models


No, your eyes do not deceive you. These intricate photographs are made up of smaller images of nude models. Canadian artist, Cecelia Webber, specializes in multimedia art that is created entirely from images of the nude human body.

She begins by conceptualizing the creature she wants to create, whether it’s an animal or a plant, etc., and then sketches the poses she wants in a notebook. She has been known to reshoot a model over a hundred times in the same pose until she gets her perfect shot. Refusing to manipulate or change the image once it’s taken, she then digitally colors, cuts, and rotates the shots into her initial vision, creating a beautiful illusion of something else in nature.

Webber says, “I used to climb trees and look closely at leaves and flowers, and I always loved animals of all sizes. My nickname is actually bird. By highlighting our connection to nature, I hope to get people to recognize humanity’s responsibility and our deep connection to the natural world.”

Her pieces can take her anywhere from a week to a year to create. Her custom commissioned pieces begin at $4200 (3100 euros). You can read and see more photos here.

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