Artist Carves Books to Create Art


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but artist Jodi Harvey-Brown’s art is worth more words than that. Brown, who hails from Delta, Pennsylvania, meticulously cuts, glues and wires pieces and pages from her favorite books to create incredible paper sculptures that depict scenes from some of literature’s greatest works.

Harvey-Brown says she has always loved to create and that she comes from a family of artist, so the inspiration behind her paper masterpieces came naturally to her.

“I have always loved art, and I have always loved to read. Books pull you into a new world, while art lets you see it. It made sense to me that these two mediums should come together,” she said via her Etsy profile.

For now, this artist will be carving her art straight from the pages of her favorite books and all are available for purchase.

“The books that we love to read should be made to come to life. Characters, that we care so much for, should come out of the pages to show us their stories. What we see in our imaginations as we read should be there for the world to see. My book sculptures are my way of making stories come alive,” she said.

Check out some of her work below.








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