Art You Can Eat! – Bon Appétit


The phrase,”Don’t play with your food!”  has been drilled into our heads and dining etiquette since as far back as we can remember, but luckily for us there are people like Hong Yi, that never quite grasped that idea. With nothing more than a white plate as her canvas and food as her medium, Hong has taken playing with food and turned it into something marvelous. Hong Yi, a Malaysian artist-architect who goes by the nickname “Red”, is an internationally known artist who ‘loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush’. She creates various art works using just food. These artistic plates of food are part of Red’s “31 days of creativity with food project”. Here you have a few samples of her month-long collection. To see the complete series of the 31 days of creativity and much more of her work you can check them out on Hong’s instagram page.




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