Art UK’s Minimal Responsive Logo

When Art UK, an online catalog of Britain’s public art pieces, wanted to refresh their logo, they wanted something that would serve the variety of purposes needed in today’s digitally connected world. In doing so, they turned to Pentagram, who helped the company to create a new look and feel for the brand while remaining within their limited budget and creative choices.

Marina Miller, a partner at Pentagram explains that the logo came about because “They want to make things as basic as they can because they don’t have the resource to spend, and they also don’t want to have any unnecessary [visual] distractions,” Willer says. “The movement is indicated there in any case.” To meet this end, the creative group at Pentagram designed a simple text based logo, with letter connected by lines between them. Several layouts of the letter placement were created, and all were submitted for the client to use, but not animated.

The result is a rebranding project that not only suggests movement, but also works perfectly as a responsive logo in multiple situations. See more of this project on FastCo. Design.





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