Around the World in Typography

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Graphic designers and typographers pull inspiration from all sorts of mediums, especially from their surroundings or where they live or travel to. This project features poster designs that represent the world’s biggest cities through typography.

The creative project, Show Us Your Type, is a platform made for designers to share their work and inspire one another. The focus of the project is to have all designers, both amateur and professional, submit typography designs that they feel represent a major city around the world. The cities range from New York to Melbourne and some even have special themes, such as Tokyo whose submissions had to be in GIF format. The best submissions are selected and featured in the city’s final edition and posted to the site. These are some of our favorites.

Clarissa Adrian Morey

osman_grandaAidaJulio-Rolleandrei_robuChris_Valleealjoscha_höhbornandre_santosAljoscha Hohborn

Ana_Silveiraaleska_alaskaanacarolina_Barros Billy-Gonzalez




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