Art Direction and Brand Design by Ariadna Vilalta for Lumm


Good branding doesn’t have to be showy. Many brands, including large chains such as Dominoes, Bing and Yahoo have all made their way towards cleaner designs that bring their logos and brand to center stage. Sometimes, stark contrasting lines mixed with a single vivid color is enough to make boring branding stand-out, but in a classier and more refined way.

That’s what we love about this new branding by Rotterdam, Netherlands-based art director, graphic designer and illustrator Ariadna Vilalta for light and atmospheres builders Lumm. The branding work, recently featured on We and The Color, is clean and modern, and the use of the single, electric yellow color allows for the ideas of light and atmosphere to be easily transmitted to anyone who sees it.

See the rest of the branding elements here.




Category: Design