Architectual Fun With Google Glitches

google glitch
We’ve all seen them; the glitches that occasionally happen in Google’s street view, causing houses to appear as if they are melting and the incredibly creepy duplication of pedestrians. They even made news when Apple’s maps turned expressways into step ladders and crumpled roadways like sheets of paper. These glitches are sometimes creepy, other times funny, and almost always a little mind-boggling.

Now, the art-hacker duo known as !Mediengruppe Bitnik, have embraced the irregularities of these errors in a glitch art architecture project named H3333333K. The duo, comprised of the artists Domagoj Smoljo and Carmen Weisskop, made news when they programmed a bot to purchase random objects on the darknet, even landing them in hot water with the Swiss police when the bot randomly selected to purchase a DVD with Ecstasy pills inside.

The H3333333K, which is actually home to the the House of Electronic Arts museum, makes creative use of optical illusions, created by skewing columns and warping railings and pipes to recreate the ubiquitous Google glitch look. Originally constructed without any glitches just over one year ago, the artists had construction crews return to the building after it had been completed to add the finishing touches.

The final product looks incredibly unbelievable from afar, and even more so up close, where the detail that went into the work can really be admired, especially the cut pipes and bent railings. Below are some select shots of the building. See additional photos here.








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