Throwing another blow in Microsoft’s direction, Apple announced this week that they will be dropping the pricing on their operating systems to zero. Starting Wednesday, October 23rd, Apple’s new OS system ‘Maverick” will be available for free on the App store. While prices for Apple operating systems have slowly been declining over the last few years, the announcement does come as a shift from the company’s previous 16-year record of OS releases. Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to see a decline in profits from license sales, yet continues to charge not only end users, but distributors who purchase PCs to sell with pre-loaded software.

Microsoft’s operating system has long been criticized for its convoluted nature and memory hogging needs, and this announcement from Apple could mean that many more frustrated Windows 8 users will be making the shift to take advantage of the free OS upgrades.

Read the rest of the article on Wired which discusses the announcement here and more info can be found on the release published on Apple.

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