Andrey Nekrasov Captures an Underwater Adventure in the Frozen Arctic Circle


Diver and underwater photographer Andrey Nekrasov moved with his family to Ukraine, off the coast of the Black Sea, when he was 13 years old. By 15, he was a professional diver and today, Nekrasov is an independent photographer and journalist who writes about diving and his travels with several different journals.

More recently, he photographed a group of freedivers in the White Sea, off the northwest coast of Russia, swimming with beluga whales. Temperatures were sub zero, but that wasn’t the worst part.

The divers were trapped under a ceiling of ice.

The waters of the Arctic Circle were frozen, so the group had to dive through a hole they made with a chainsaw. Freedivers explore the White Sea every year, despite ground temperatures of as low as -4 °F. They dive in 7 mm wetsuits and stay in mobile homes near the water.

Nekrasov was tied to a safety line while he dived down about 18 meters (60 feet). It was quite the mission, but the end results were spectacular. You can see more photos of the expedition here.





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