“Did you hear that? I could have sworn I just heard something. Are there voices in my head?” Thanks to one ambitious company, there very well might be. Be it due to an overactive imagination derived from watching a horror movie or just straight-up paranoia, most of us have had a moment in which we may have said this phrase or something like it when our auditory senses fool us into thinking we heard someone or something that wasn’t actually there. Well, a company with an inventive (and kinda rude) way of getting it’s brand out there has come up with a way to make you question these scarce n’ startling moments even further. The company of note here is the mobile media streaming service, Sky Go, and they have created a special little transmitter that makes it figuratively possible for windows to speak to you when you rest your weary, travel-laden head on it’s glass. By utilizing a technology referred to as “bone conduction” the transmitter releases high-frequency vibrations that upon meeting your brain, are translated into a voice that sounds like it’s coming from inside your own head. Found here is a small article from designtaxi.com with a promotional video depicting the transmitter in action. So yea, you’re probably not losing your marbles, but if your noggin’ is resting on this window pane, you’re definitely hearing voices. Oh, and don’t bother asking your fellow, neighboring travelers if they heard what you did. It’s all in your head, and yours alone.

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