For the most part, advertisements tend to illustrate how much better your life would be if you were to purchase the good or product being promoted. By proxy, then illustrate that there are certain things that you are lacking and will continue to lack until you purchase said thing. Mostly, these ads play on our insecurities, our vanity and our dreams, instilling us with ideas of grandeur, stability and beauty, and are more often than not aimed at women.

They all say the same thing: Get him to buy you this ring, your family needs this vacuum, you should be dressing like these people; reinforcing the stigma of the female’s role as the homemaker, the wife, the subversive and her need to rely on others in order to find fulfillment.

So, its incredibly surprising to see a tiny, all-female Catholic college-prep academy in Kentucky deal a virtual slap in the face of any woman living in a fantasy. By basically pointing out that ‘Life is not a fairy tale” Mercy Academy urges women to take control of their own futures, by investing in their education rather than banking on the idea of finding a prince charming to take of everything for them.

The ads, in turn, are clever, simple and direct, and a definitive move in a different direction for the catholic education system. Check out some additional ads below.






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