The latest sculptural collaboration by Calgary-based artists Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett features a dynamic spherical structure that lives suspended over Stephen Avenue in Calgary, Canada mimicking the sun. The orb is built out of a motorized lit up core that has yellow acrylic rods coming out from every direction like sun rays, which according to the project, is triggered by the activity that is going on below.

“When tripped, either one of the motion sensors switches the motor to 3-volt rotational speed, creating a slow glimmer of light on the surface of the sculpture for a matter of seconds.” When both sensors are triggered at the same time, the motor switches to a 9-volt setting, resulting in a rapidly shimmering “sun” that reflects the busy cars and foot traffic around it.

The sculpture is will remain installed on Stephen Avenue in Calgary, Canada through February 1, 2014.


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Category: Art