An Exhibit of More Than One Hundred Years of Typesetting


One of the oldest type foundries in the world will be hosting an exhibit showcasing artifacts from more than a century of designing type, ranging from original hand drawings to their first bitmap designs. Monotype was founded back in 1887 when typesetting actually involved setting type, and is one of the few that have survived the printing press, the linotype, the typewriter, and the computer, not to mention the smartphone. Today, most of us know Monotoype as the company behind some of the most important 20th-century fonts, like Gill Sans. The exhibit, titled  From Pencil To Pixel will be “a chance for visitors to explore the very physical history of the typefaces they already know,” says Monotype’s Type Director Dan Rhatigan. Here is an article outlining the focus of the event as well as a video promoting the exhibit.








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