Since the introduction of digital art, artists have rendered representations of worlds unknown to humans and mind-melting visual design that seems to almost defy physics and logic. However, some artists choose instead to blow our minds by creating incredibly realistic renditions of things in our everyday world. Photorealism is an artistic style in which an artist creates a piece of art that resembles the realistic images captured in camera.

The style began to gain popularity in the US during the 60s and 70s, but taking into account the sharpness of photos that existed back then, photorealism didn’t seem all that impressive. These three amazing contemporary artists however seem to want to rival today’s 16 megapixel cameras in detail, creating artworks that looks so realistic, you almost want to touch them.

California artist Ester Roi –

Ester Roi has recently seen such a boom in the popularity of her work that her website can’t even handle it, and is currently down because of bandwidth issues. A fortunate problem to have if you’re not only an amazing surrealist artist, but also the inventor of the Icarus Board, a heated drawing surface to be used with wax based crayons and colored pencils.

Roi’s technique allows for incredible saturation of color, so much so that she doesn’t even bother with the acrylic paints she used to dabble with during weekends. The use of the board allows for concentration of bright colors to be achieved by slightly melting the wax based leads of Roi’s pencil. Her amazing work can be seen on her Facebook while her site is still down, but there are also some pieces scattered on the site for the Icarus Board itself.

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Swedish Artist Johannes Wessmark

The work of Swedish Artist Johannes Wessmark goes beyond “photorealism”. Some of his pieces capture details that even the camera can sometimes miss such as the soft fuzz on the small of a woman’s back or the softness of a brook bubbling over stones. What’s truly impressive is that despite the fact that Wessmark has been working as a 3D illustrator and painter for the last 15 years, he is completely self-taught.

Wessmark uses a variety of mediums to produce his work including acrylic, oil paint and colored pencils, and the level of detail he is able to put into each piece is truly amazing. The artist has published two books of his own work including a special step by step guide showing how he executed one of his most popular earlier pieces, in addition to being featured in several art anthologies internationally. His work can be seen on his website or at the converted lakeside barn turned gallery he shares with his partner Anikka near his home.

Italian Artist Diego Fazio
Like Wessmark, Diego Fazio, whose work is showcased on DeviantArt as DiegoKoi, is also self-taught. The artist began his artistic career taking requests for tattoos from his friends, and eventually developed his detailed and photo-realistic style through practice and passion before placing his work before the judges of many esteemed art competitions throughout Europe. There, his work began to gain him recognition when Fazio claimed the Audience Award for Best Artist at NonfermArti in 2011 and then the Judges award for best international artist at Arte Laguna di Venezia in 2012. Fazio’s work continues to tour the world throughout 2013, with photos of his process posted frequently to his Facebook.

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