It’s difficult to visualize an urbanized city that integrates nature without crippling the ecosystem. Most of the time nature loses the battle between high-powered corporations trying to expand and the preservation of natural landscapes. However, in his new conceptual project, Architect Arturo Tedeschi has created a non-linear Cloudbridge linking two mountains with only algorithms. Tedeschi explains that by using an algorithmic program he can set parameters and instructions to generate a 3-D shape, creating diagrams that integrate surroundings and blend seamlessly.  There is no denying extreme engineering plays a key role in all of Tedeschi work, which he sees as part of the evolutionary process of engineering and architecture. Although Tedeshi’s design  are all computerized, he believes this approach can lead designers to new territories they feared before, making algorithms the new architectural frontier. For photos of this amazing marvel click here.

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Category: Architecture