Airtype: A Keyboard without A Keyboard


Anyone who has ever to tried to send an email on their tablet, or carry on a heated conversation on their smartphone knows that typing on those tiny, nonexistent keys can be frustrating. What if you could simply slip something around the palm of your hands and type on anything, instead?

The appropriately named new device, called Airtype, intends to make that a reality. The user essentially wears the Airtype sensors and then makes the same gestures that they would typically make while typing on a standard keyboard. The Airtype devices learns the user’s typing style, and allows them to turn any surface whatsoever into a much more viable alternative to mini keys. For added portability, the Airtype is designed so that it easily attaches to your tablet or smartphone for portability.

Unfortunately, the company is currently only in its prototype phase, which gives us tons of enviable photos, but no definitive date on when the device will hit the market. Until then, you can learn more about the Airtype on their website and by watching the video below.







Category: Technology