Air France has a Bold New Ad Campaign


When I was young, I went to my grandparent’s house in Switzerland and slept in my dad’s old room, where I found some of his old books. Stuck between tattered copies of Lone Ranger graphic novels and sauce-stained recipe books, I found these old, racy Italian novels that featured exotic women straddling semi-automatic weapons. While I never read the books, I have never been able to shake the images adorning the covers from my memory.

I imagine that the BETC creatives who dreamed up this feminine campaign for Air France found those same novels and used them as reference because the women who are featured in these ads are bold, beautiful and unforgettable. Each one of these ladies has a presence that is indomitable and intriguing.

Featuring the amazing photography of Sofia & Mauro, the ad campaign contains bold design and palettes to make any color-lover swoon. The aesthetic marks a strong, modern shift for the brand, whose advertising has previously remained on the conservative side.

Check out some more choice shots from the collection on thefoxisblack.




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