With so many people shopping for furniture and home decorating items online, it makes sense to offer a way for those off-site shoppers to visualize their desired pieces in the space they will occupy. That’s why we’re so excited about this new App from entrepreneur Marc Lebovitz called Adornably.

The app, similar to a new feature recently introduced in Ikea’s latest catalog, allows shoppers to use any magazine and their ipads to trace the room and then virtually place furniture into the space. The app is free to download and use, but the company hopes to make money by selling furniture pieces through their store, which for now only features designs from Stanley, Vanguard, and Theodore Alexander, but plans to add other manufacturers in the future.

While FastCo, who recently published a story on the app, wonders if Adornably will gain momentum before the technology is developed in-house by existing en-masse retailers such as Target and Ikea, it is still an interesting development in the future of online shopping. Lebovitz, meanwhile, is completely aware of the app’s potential, optimistically explaining that Adornaly’s “focus will remain the home, but it will expand to include other product categories, including rugs and wall art, as well as deeper levels of interior design, such as the ability to modify walls, floors, and fixtures.”


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