A View From The Top: Photographer Lucinda Grange


For the last six years, adventure photographer Lucinda Grange has been working her way to the top…the top of some of the tallest structures all over the world, that is.

Grange has climbed buildings in New York, bridges in Scotland, cathedrals in France and even the Great Pyramids in Egypt and photographed views from the top which she has collected into an amazing portfolio on her site, The Eye of Silence.

She says that while most of the structures she climbs look daunting, that they are not as hard to scale as they look and that she enjoys making her way up.

Except for that one time she and her friend climbed the Great Pyramids.


“The day we arrived in Cairo during the uprising, a 7 p.m. curfew had just been announced, punishable by immediate arrest. We hid on the site for 10 hours before making our way to the top of the pyramid and as we were waiting, we heard gunfire in the distance.”

Despite running into minor difficulties during that shoot, Grange has amassed an impressive repertoire of  work and has even created a collection of shots from underground spaces, too.

Her work, examples of which can be seen below, opens up a new perspective of the world to her audience, who can enjoy it from the comfort of their homes.

“…through travel and adventures I get to witness special moments, special views and special environments,” she said. “If only to share with you, so you can experience the adventure from the comfort of your soft seat in your warm home as you sip hot chocolate. So you can see what I do to escape ‘real’ life and lose myself.”

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