A Robot That Can Build Itself


Forget laborious tasks, in the future no one will have to lift a finger to get things done. Instead, little robots will perform tedious tasks for you. What’s best is that we wont event have to build the robots because, if a recent project from MIT researchers is any indication, robots may soon build themselves.

According to the research team behind the project, they used a system that is closely relatable to Origami and, “Developed shape-memory composites that fold themselves along embedded hinges. [They] used these composites to recreate fundamental folded patterns, derived from computational origami, that can be extrapolated to a wide range of geometries and mechanisms.”

A recently published article on NewScientist explains more on the process, which allows the origami-inspired robot to fold itself in four minutes and, “…walk away without human intervention, demonstrating the potential both for complex self-folding machines and autonomous, self-controlled assembly.”

From the ability to flat pack and ship small construction robots to locations that suffered catastrophic natural disaster, to the more sinister idea of sentinel shooters air dropped into combat, the applications for this kind of thing are basically endless.





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