A Lonely Batman Makes His Way Across Texas

In a curious collection of black and white images, French photographer Rémi Noël places a miniature Batman figure in quirky tongue-in-cheek scenarios throughout Texas. In an interview with Bored Panda, Noël explained that he has, “…long been fascinated by the image of ‘timeless America’ captured in the works of Jack Kerouac, Edward Hopper and Robert Frank.” He also explained why he brings the Batman figure along, stating that, “It’s a toy that I stole from my son one day when I was cleaning his room.” Noël went to explain that, “Since I go to the United States by myself, I take Batman with me to feel less alone. And I take him out. I set him up in scenarios.”

A few of the Batman shots will be featured in a project coming in May of 2014 that Noël is participating in with This is Not a Map, but we’ve gathered our favorites below. Sadly, at the time of this article’s posting, Noël’s website was down, so as an alternative, check out more of Noel work on Bored Panda and My Modern Met.









Category: Photography