A Hotel Designed to Look Like an Amethyst

amethyst hotel

When looking for inspiration for the design of NL Architects’ proposed chain of hotels, the group surely turned their sites to the natural world. The Amsterdam-based designers ultimately found their design inspiration in the Amethyst, a beautiful precious gemstone, creating a truly unique design, designed to look like a split geode.

From afar, the building hardly looks like a building at all, more closely resembling a work of art, or the result of some seismic activity that resulted in an enormous amethyst. But, according to mymodernmet, there are in fact entrances and room access along the outside perimeter of the structure, and accommodations located around a central void, with views of the surrounding landscape framed by “crystalline clusters that act as unique sets of geometric windows”.

NL Architects’ proposed design is intended to promote, “…the believed healing qualities of amethyst – just as traveling can rejuvenate the spirit.” The first of these hotels is planned for Ocean Flower, a man-made island currently under development north of Hainan, China. However, if the mock-up photos are any indication, these beautiful, natural-looking buildings may be showing up in major cities as well.










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