A Half Graffiti Paint Job Turns A Hotel Room into an Art Installation

pavel vetrov

Inspired by French graffiti artist artist TILT’s Panic Room, Ukrainian artist Pavel Vetrov has created an interesting hotel room concept that puts the vivid colors and textures of street art in direct, stark contrast with the order and barrenness of minimalist design.

The design effectually splices the room in half. Facing the bed, the back wall is separated into two distinct areas— one half reveals a vibrant, artistic arrangement of colors, graphics, and collage elements, the look and feel of which has been pulled straight from the street; the other half of the room, however, remains completely white, a perfect homage to minimalist design. Even the bed sheets, chandeliers, credenza and anything else that happens to land on the dividing line share the same dichotomy.

The Ukrainian designer is no stranger to room design – he works for a Ukrainian 3D visualization and design company named Archivizer, and creates beautifully composed and inviting interior designs that combine elements of the organic world with clean design and modern furniture. More of the designers’ work can be seen on his website









Category: Architecture