A Better Butter Dispenser: How Simple Design Can Improve Even the Simplest of Things


In an attempt to prove that even the simplest of tasks could use improvement, a new kickstarter campaign is aiming to collect $38,250 to introduce to the market an invention that most people didn’t even know they needed: a butter stick dispenser. According to its makers, The Butter Boss, as it is called, is the “greatest butter related kitchen gadget in the Universe”.
The Butter Boss consists of a simple sheath that dispenses butter the same way a chapstick dispenses chapstick. The incredibly straight forward design, created by, designer Geraint Krumpe of Y Line Product Design, allows butter to be portioned in precise measurements, or applied directly to a pan or grill.
Early Bird bids start at $18, and while it’s possible to melt down butter and pour it directly into the Butter Boss, for pledges of $24, makers of the device will include 3D printer files for their “Boss Butter Maker,” a little tub that you can use to create perfectly shaped butter to fit into the Butter Boss. Larger pledges will score original artwork schematics of the device and even consulting from the firm behind the device.

Watch the admittedly humorous promo video for the device and learn more on the product’s kickstarter campaign.








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