It’s interesting when you think back to a life before Facebook neatly packed every update and status change in your friends’ lives for you into your newsfeed. Still, there once existed a time in the cyber-world where one could post an image or a blog post on the internet, and remain relatively certain that few, if any, of your close friends would actually see it. Perpetually updated in real time, the introduction of Facebook’s News Feed, which quietly launched 7 Years ago today, changed the way we interact with the information posted by those we are digitally connected to forever, and paved the way for how we would interact with everything from politics, to media, to world news.

In a recent article, Slate Magazine sat down with Ruchi Sanghvi, the Facebook Product Manager who was working on the News Feed project when it launched, to discuss all about how the introduction of Facebook’s News Feed “paved the way for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Quora—for every site that thrives off of the communities created by lots of people’s individual contributions.” Read the article in it’s entirety here.

image via Slate

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