5 Useful Ways to Upcycle Old Business Cards and Credit Cards

Recycling is great, and when it comes to those outdated business cards, expired credit cards, old room keys or gift cards, recycling is usually the way to go. Unless you can put those old cards to new use (and that means actual “use”- not just using them to create origami birds!).

Here, we’ve compiled the top 5 most useful ways to re-purpose those old cards.

head phone credit card

1) Ear bud winder: Don’t you hate it when you pull your headphones out of your bag/pocket and you have to spend the next 5 minutes untangling them?! Well, problem solved. You can make an ear bud winder out of an old credit (or any plastic card) or an old business card. You can find the tutorial for the business card here (it helps to know that the scored line in the middle in Step 3 becomes the bottom side in Step 4).
***Update: We tried this one and found that, for business cards, it was better to tape three cards together. Also, use a hole-puncher for business cards and a drill for credit cards.

2) iPhone/ iPod stand: Make yourself a stand so you can watch videos on your device without having to hold it up. Make one out of a business card or a plastic card.

3) Bag/basket: This idea would be great for a trick-or-treat basket, a purse for a whacky costume, a bag for odds-and-ends under the sink (you get the point). The tutorial uses a deck of playing cards, but the same concept applies for a stack of business cards.

4) Gift box: This one is also made with a deck of cards that can be substituted with business cards. This idea comes in handy for small Christmas or birthday gifts. If you don’t want to keep the card’s original design, you can either paint the box or cover it with wrapping paper.

5) Guitar picks: This is great for all the musicians in your life. You can trace and cut your own from those credit cards/gift cards or you can use a hole puncher.




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