EDDM has been around for quite some time. Before the Internet became ubiquitous with how we shop, discover brands, and find retailers, EDDM was the original “targeted marketing”. EDDM, which stands for Every Door Direct Mail, works by focusing the distribution of printed material into one or more designated areas or target groups. This means your printed material can effectively reach an entire neighborhood without the need of a mailing list.

Just as with any piece of mail sent through the US Postal Service, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed in order for your mailer to be accepted by the USPS and sent out. Anyone who has ever set out to execute an EDDM campaign knows firsthand that list of requirements, while neither long nor complicated, can be quite time consuming to adhere to.

To make things easier, below are some quick and simple tips that you can follow when gearing up to get your mailers ready.

1. Use USPS approved templates – The Post Office wont ship EDDM mailers of just any size or stock, so be sure to use USPS approved templates when creating your design. When using the ClubFlyers.com EDDM Services, we provide templates for you that meet those requirements so there is no guesswork involved in the creation of your marketing materials.

2. Pick an Area that Suits Your Needs – Because EDDM mailers are segmented by area, picking an area that suits your needs is perhaps the most important part of the EDDM process. If you’re a car dealership, for example, you wouldn’t advertise in an area predominantly populated by cyclists and public transportation users, that wouldn’t yield positive results. Instead, look to your local community and local community groups and appeal to them with your marketing efforts.

3. Properly Sort Your Mailers – The Post Office requires that your mailers be presorted in order to qualify for the bulk mail rate and be accepted as an EDDM shipment. Printing your own flyers means sorting and bundling them yourself, which can be quite time consuming. Most reputable printers, including Clubflyers, will handle the bundling for you, meaning less time and fewer mistakes.

4. Provide an Incentive – There are a range of size options available for EDDM mailers, ranging from postcards, to bound printed materials and even irregular parcels. This means that the possibilities for what you can create as an EDDM mailer are almost limitless, and it is easy to include an extra incentive that will drive recipients to your storefront or online shop. Including an exclusive coupon, for example, is a great way to incentivize your mailers.

5. Make Sure to Include the Indicia in Your Design – If you’ve been looking into EDDM mailing, you’ve no doubt come across this word. Basically put, indicia, when it comes to EDDM, is the substitute for the postage stamp used in traditional mailings. The USPS has specific requirements for their indicia, so be sure that you include the correct labels as needed.

Bonus Tip – You can get extra information on how to properly create your USPS EDDM mailer via the USPS website and by downloading the USPS EDDM Fact Sheet for at-a-glance information.

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