5 Great Uses for Postcards


In a time when sending off email or posting an Instagram photo is easier than writing a letter, the postcard as a way of telling someone far away you’re thinking of them, has become all but obsolete.

Yet, the perfectly proportioned and easily mailable postcard, on a heavier stock of paper, lends itself to a number of uses that fall well outside of the good ole’ “wish you were here” memento. With a little creativity and some clever design, postcards can be an effective marketing tool, a cost effective alternative to pricy custom invitations, and even works of art.

Below, we’ve put together a list of uses for printed postcards that you can use for other things other than telling people about your travels.

1. Use them to Promote Your Business
It’s probably obvious, but postcards are an easy way to get your company’s name, products, and message out there. However, keep in mind that promoting your business through postcards doesn’t necessarily mean creating a mailable advertisement. In fact, creating something that is artful to use as a marketing tool increases your brand’s awareness, and increases the chances that the postcard won’t end up in the trash. Take the post card set by Carimbo Letterpress shown above. As explained by Duncan Robertson, these limited-edition postcards brought together six designers/illustrators to express their relationship with the gastronomic universe. The continuity was ensured by the use of a two-color palette, that served both to unite the six designs as a cohesive set and allowed for efficiency in the printing process.

2. Use Them to Promote Yourself
Artists, designers, cartoonists, musicians, producers. It doesn’t really matter what you do, postcards are an excellent way to reach new people, future clients, and prospective partners. They can also be a great way to get your foot in the door when you’re looking for a job. These cards by Indonesian born designer Irene, were printed to be mailed to potential creative directors in The States where the artist was looking to relocate. If the recipient is not in hiring position, he/she may cut the postcard into half and give it to his/her creative associates who might be hiring.

3. Use Them Instead of Invitations and Announcement Cards
When great things happen to us, we want to share the joy with our loved ones. Postcards are ideal for announcements, save-the-daates and even invitations. With a custom design, your postcard doesn’t need an address section (you can always use an envelope for a classier look). The vintage style wedding invitation shown above for example, uses art nouveau elements and takes advantage of both sides of the card to showcase all the details that recipients need to know.

4. Use Them As Tiny Canvases
At a 4×6-inch size, postcards are an excellent way to display artwork, and fit easily and beautifully matted into 5×7 frames. The set above, by fine artist James Jean, is a prime example of how artwork can be shared using postcards. See more of the set here. Postcards as photographs are also easily created, and can be sent to friends, gallerists and collectors to announce new work or promote your art, as seen here.

5. Use Them To Say What You Really Mean
postcard5 Sure, we tell people that we love them, we share our blessings and photos of our children, we send thank you’s and congratulations, but what if what you really want to say isn’t so joyful? Postcards can be clever, they can be cute, and they can be honest, and sometimes, you need to tell your boss you’re moving on or brag to your competition that you are, in fact, better than them. For moments like those, we recommend tongue-in -heek humor, like the card above, from the Sour Fruit Collection by SimplyStatedCreative sold on Etsy.

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