Summertime is just around the corner and as temperatures begin to climb, it’s time to begin thinking about your next major marketing move. Every season is a new opportunity to freshen up your marketing collateral, both online and for print efforts, but with summer there is extra energy in the air as people all around shake off the still of spring and dead of winter and set their sights to the fun and freedom that only summer can bring.

So when it comes to marketing, the brightest season of the year should be matched with warm colors and bold fonts, luring the eye of would-be customers. With that in mind, here are five awesome summertime graphics that will energize your campaigns without very much creative effort.

1. The Summer Holidays Vector
Download here.

2. Hand Painted Summertime
Download here.

3. Blurred Summer Background
Download here.

4. Tropical Bar Sign
Download it here.

5. Beach Icons Background
Download here.

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