A while back, we showcased 7 amazing fonts that could be used as an alternative to the somewhat overkilled, but still highly regarded Helvetica. In that post, all the options that we offered were fonts that could be downloaded for free. However, there is a wealth of options available for font usage when you’re willing to open our pockets and shell out some cash. Paying for fonts is also often the safest route to take when working on commercial projects, just be sure you’ve purchased the correct license for use. Just like with free fonts, paid fonts also run the gamut in genre and styles available. Here we have highlighted some of our favorite in a few of the categories available. This list is by no means conclusive, but it will take you to a few font houses with many additional options to offer. hyrdro74-sinner 1. The Grunge Font – Sinner by Hydro 74 Besides being an amazing illustrator, Orlando based designer Joshua M. Smith also designs incredibly detailed and well developed fonts that can be purchased through his web store. The Sinner font borrows the stylistic double line and serif motif from the celebrated old english font, giving it that classic gothic appeal, but with a modern, digitized edge. port 2. The Vintage/Deco Font – Port by Onrepeat Studio Besides its elegant, swooping lines, Port brings to mind the stylistic properties of art deco. But the decidedly modern design makes full use of Open-Type features to offer users a vast catalogue of hundreds of characters including a thin counterpart to the upper cases of each character that give you complete freedom over layouts through an almost unlimited amount of different combinations. The entire Port family is actually so expansive that an entire tour of the font was featured on Behance. http://www.behance.net/gallery/Port-Font/6747553. zulia 3. The Brush Font – Zulia Pro Named after birthland of the Designer’s mother, Zulia is a beautifully put together brush font. This font is just rife with beautifully formed ligatures and swashes originally crafted by hand then rendered into digital form. It is designer’s Joluvian’s first typographic project, which comes complete with an entire suite of options as well as additional language options. caecilia 4. The Classic Font, Serif – Caecilia The Caecilia family includes 8 different font types applicable for a variety of uses, and is available in both desktop and web versions. Its a clean and beautiful font, with classic letter shapes, clean lines and superior kerning. This super versatile font can be used in variety of different settings from personal to professional. For a sans serif alternative, check out Fedra https://www.typotheque.com/fonts/fedra_sans oaf4 5. The Handwritten Font – VTG oaf From the Voltage LTD foundry, this adorable handwritten font claims to have been painted by “an eccentric Canadian with a paint roller” to produce this wonderful fontface with “an unusual combination of straight, evenly weighted strokes and rough, handmade charm”. Perfect for signs and posters, the font is available with or without a “roller effect” as well as accents and three weights.

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