Design is all around us. From the furniture in our homes to our cars and the places we visit, every choice we make is reflection of our aesthetic choices. Why not play with those choices to create a more enjoyable life for ourselves. That is exactly what these products do: from a new look on an old fixture to the appearance of interesting design in unexpected places, these products add the fun to functionality.

1. IV Decals by Little Love Medical.

No one wants to be hospitalized, its never a joyful experience to be faced with the need for medical care. That is why Little Love Medical has created the IV decal. They understand that spending time in the hospital is difficult for patients, as well as for their loved ones, and aims to “make your stay as pleasant as possible by adding bursts of color and design to everyday hospital products.”. These IV Decals do just that. Available in a multitude of designs from leopard print to stripes to comics, they add a touch of fun to an otherwise droll experience, helping to liven up the otherwise blanched monotony of the hospital room.
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2. The training Dresser by Peter Bristol

With his new look on a bedroom staple, Bristol encourages the education of organization into kids and more playful adults. The shaped drawers help children visually recognize what goes where, making clean-up easier and fun. With its $1500 price tag however, it isn’t a piece that fits into everyone’s budget, but Bristol states that “Well considered and well made” by the crew Mountain View Cabinetry in Washington State.
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3. Rotator by Ron Arad for Teuco

Bathrooms get their fair share of attention in the design world, and in today’s Ikea society is nice to see someone producing a truly innovative but functional product. The Rotator by Ron Arad is a bathtub and Shower in one, rotating to fit your desire at the moment. Inspired by the range of products and technologies that Teuco has at their disposal, Arad created the Rotator, which offers a space saving solution that still remains pleasant to the eye. Watch this video to see the tub in action.
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4. The Cool Tube

Nothing is safe from reinvention anymore, not even the ice cube tray. The cool tube takes a new approach to your water freezing by creating a single tube shaped receptacle for freezing and dispensing ice, without the hassle of twisting traditional ice trays, which tend to leave little wet messes everywhere. Perhaps even more impressively, Quirky, the company behind the creation, takes ideas from its consumers and then involves them in product development process not only by sharing the evolution of the product itself, but with an interesting series of questions regarding the product. While it is still in production, the Cool Cube is currently being manufactured and expected to run about $13. You can sign up for updates on when the item will be released on the website.
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5. The Toast Messenger

Why bother with toast stamps when you can deliver a more direct and personalized message with your breakfast? The toast messenger is a dual purpose note pad meets kitchen appliance that allows you to inscribe your message and then burn it into your toast. Developed by Yanko Design, the messenger is aimed at those with hectic morning schedules, those who have “Kids running around, people in and out, and everyone trying to remind everyone else about the super important soccer meet after school.” The Toast Messenger lets you kill two birds with one piece of bread: feeding your family, and passing whatever message you may need to share.

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