4th of July is Nigh – Whet Your Appetite For Combustion With This Collection of Firework Displays From Around the World


Independence Day is upon us, folks. If ever there is a night to be out enjoying the evening sky, it’s definitely the 4th of July. You’re likely making plans to hang with family and friends to eventually watch on as the night sky lends itself as a canvas for the colorfully explosive artwork fired off by professional pyrotechnics or the aspiring neighbor who just happened to get his lucky hands on some prime rocketry. In observation of this impending and gloriously ka-booming occasion, this short collection of some of the most incredible firework displays has been compiled to sate your booming appetite until the 4th.

We’ll start things off right here in our own US of A. The Thunder Over Louisville show kicks off the annual Kentucky Derby, and it does so in glorious fashion.

Next, let’s jump on over to Funchal, Portugal. From 2006 to 2012, this location was home to the Guinness World Record for firework display and remains a strong contender today.

Here, from Kuwait  is the pyrotechnic performance that finally dethroned Portugal as the Guinness World Record-holder. Amassing 77,282 fireworks and costing somewhere around 15 million USD to create, fans of watching stuff blowing up would be wise to take a gander at this spectacle.

Let’s not forget about the pyro-shenanigans that take place in Sydney, Australia. This is the location of arguably the most viewed display of fireworks in the world. Reaching 1.6 million people by Sydney Harbour, 2.3 million across Australia and more than a billion worldwide.

Last but not least is my personal favorite firework show compliments of the monstrous Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai. Here, the world’s tallest building is used as the centerpiece for the firework show creating a display of explosive luminescence never before seen.

Apparently, given how expensive these beautifully masterful displays of pyrotechnics are, it’s safe to say some have a lot of money to burn, while others have even more money to blow up. Saltiness aside, keep doin’ what you’re doin’ world. It’s truly magnificent to watch.







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