Four Marketing Essentials Your Company Should Be Using


marketingWhile many companies turn to the Internet for marketing and advertising efforts, printed collateral remains an effective way to get your business out there, keep it current and lure in potential customers.

Regardless of what industry you are in, there are four marketing essentials that every business, proprietor and project manager need to have as part of their marketing arsenal. Marketing with a combination of business cards, flyers or brochures, postcards and banners allows you to connect to your potential targets and can seriously improve your business’s results, increasing your overall market share.

1. Business Cards
The most obvious item to make sure you have in your marketing arsenal are business cards. Despite our new found connectivity, business cards remain vital in the business marketing arena. No matter how easily you can add a contact into your phone, the business card provides much more than just a phone and a name. The business cards provides recipients with a visual representation of who you are and what you do.

2. Flyers or Brochures
Not everyone wants to pick up their smartphones or dig through the pages of your website or blog to get the gist of what you offer. The flyer or brochure, which are interchangeable in this effect, both provide marketers with the opportunity to break out from the pack by providing potential customers with an at-a-glace overview of what your company offers. The added benefit is that these physical items can be used in conjunction with coupons and discounts that would appeal to customers who may have overlooked your business online.

3. Postcards
Postcards, like flyers and brochures, provide you with the opportunity to showcase your stuff in a simple, concise package that customers can hold on to and refer to later. Postcards can also be used in conjunction with coupons and other offers. Postcards, however, have the unique ability to reach your target audience directly at their homes. When you use EDDM services, they become a highly effective way to reach your local market with little effort.

4. Banners
The primary usefulness of banners comes in the form of visibility. For businesses with physical locations, or for making your business stand out at trade shows or other events, banners help passersby see and find your business with ease. Banners can also be used to announce specials, discounts and sales, providing a visual incentive for potential customers.




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