4 Fireworks Inspired DIY Projects for an Explosive 4th of July

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While 4th of July celebrations usually revolve around the BBQ grill, they always culminate with a fireworks display. Whether you take your family to see a large-scale display, or set off firecrackers in your driveway, every one is excited to see the lightworks show. Before the fireworks, however, you can keep the kids (and adults) busy by offering fun 4th of July themed craft projects that add to the celebration. Below are four great options that you can try.

1. Patriotic Pool Noodle ‘Firecrackers’
pool noodle firecracker 6
While this adorable craft project may not take flight or explode, they light up any table or centerpiece. Easily created, these firecrackers use dollar store pool noodles and ribbons, and can be made in just minutes. Get the tutorial here.

2. Firecracker Slingshot
If you end up with leftover pool noodles, turn them into slingshots for the kids. Safe for kids to make and fun to use, these foam slingshots can be made for any occasion. Find instructions on making 4th of July themed ones here.

3. The Perfect 4th of July Tie Dye Shirt
Despite having lost some momentum as a fashion staple post 1970’s, Tie dye still remains a fun activity that produces a wearable result. With these simple instructions, you can create gorgeous, swirl tie-dye patterns that are perfect to wear under a fireworks display. Get the instructions here.

4. DYI Confetti Poppers
Looking for a fire-free alternative to fireworks? Confetti poppers make a great alternative to the traditional flame-fueled display seen during the 4th of July, and with DYI confetti poppers, you can create a themed, child-safe, fireworks-style display that wont set the grass behind your house on fire. Filled with star confetti and decorated in red, white and blue, these fun confetti poppers are sure to be a hit. Find the tutorial here.




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