No matter what ups and downs pet owners can face, they are often comforted to find that their pets will always be there waiting to comfort them. That is why animal owners spend hundred of dollars on photographers to capture the essence of their furry friends. Just like portrait photographers, pet photographers need a unique set of skills to capture the individual personality of each pet they shoot. Each photographer also needs something to set apart from other, and whether it be in the form of whimsical settings or creative lighting, each of these pet photographers has something that uniquely sets them apart from everyone else.

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Taking incredibly imaginative photos of her pets, it doesn’t hurt that Jessica Trinh also possesses an immense technical understanding of what it takes to produce a great shot. But for Jessica, its all about the bond. Each of her photos is special because it showcases the love and trust that she has for each of her dogs in the way that they collaborate to create the dreamy scenes that she captures. Trinh is incredibly young, and at 18, she is only just at the start of her career.

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Serena’s portfolio is filled with amazing shots of an imperial looking Bulldog, a silly dachshund and a looming mastiff. Each subsequent image is an adorable showcase of the individual characteristics of each animal and the way they interact with each other, as well as the camera. Born in New Zealand but based in Australia, Serenah is an International Multi Award Winning and Published Photographer. With each subject she shoots, Serenah’s images are all edited to have the same feel regardless of her subject, making her work identifiable and unique.

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Central Florida based photographer Erica Matyas shoots dogs because she loves them. Not a fleeting surface type of love, Matyas seems to possess a deep and true understanding of each companion that she is hired to shoot. Her shots, aside from being technically well produced, are insightful and unique to each dog, exploratory and demonstrative of each unique animal’s likes and personality quirks. A quick glance through her blogs and you quickly realize, however, that Matyas is equally connected to cats. While her site hasn’t been updated in about 3 years, the photos still remain fresh and current, something each animal’s family can appreciate for years to come.

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No matter the subject, or rather, the species, Seth Casteel is an amazing photographer. His collection of underwater dogs, recently published in a book dedicated to the series, recently gained him worldwide exposure and a growing fan base, as the photos exploded all over the internet, along with a behind the scenes video or how the work was done. Casteel’s images are all razor sharp, with crisp focus on his interesting and unique subjects as they explore their environment. Casteel’s work isn’t limited to underwater shots, and his portraits all display a sense of environment, where each animal really occupies the space in which they are portrayed.

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