3D Paintings That Play Tricks on The Mind

3d painting patrick hughes

By now, many of us have come across some sort of 3D artwork. Whether your first exposure to them was through a Magic Eye image, in which you blur your vision to see the hidden 3d image inside, or in a movie theater with the help of some specialized glasses, 3D images have long amazed viewers. Patrick Hughes, however, takes an entirely different approach to 3D artwork, and the resulting mind-boggling 3D art completely turns the idea of distance on its head.

To create the 3D effect in his artwork, Hughes uses a style he created called “reverspective”, where the parts of the painting that look like they should be the farthest away from the viewer are actually protruding from the canvas, and closer to the viewer than the parts that are farther away. The phenomenon isn’t easily describe, so watch the video below to see exactly what the 3D works looks like as you move around the piece.

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