The railway system. The tracks that paved the way to making our lands exponentially more accessible have been with us for centuries. Since as early as 1550, primitive forms of railway systems have been used to provide a means for people and products to reach their desired destinations, and with every subsequent improvement made, these rails would eventually be the foundation for the global impacting locomotive, a benchmark of human ingenuity. Still today, trains are one of the most widely used methods of transportation, weaving entire cities together with complex and intricately connected systems. On-ground, above-ground and below-ground, metro rail systems all have this form and function and are found in nearly all densely populated cities. Found here is a collection of 30 of the world’s most impressive railway systems including London’s “Tube” (pictured above) an underground network serving 270 stations with over 400 kilometers of track and is responsible for moving over 1 billion passengers between 2011/12.

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