2017 Will Be The Year Of The Talking Car


As the future approaches, society’s demands from the technology that surrounds it increases. We want our televisions to respond to our voice. We want our home entertainment systems to be hands-free. We want our cars to park themselves. We want everything possible that will make our lives easier. Why not then, also make it safer in the process?

U.S. regulators are currently working on a rule that would require all new vehicles to be able to “talk” to one another using wireless technology. The idea that your vehicle could actually be aware of the vehicles around it and can actively partake in situational decision-making stems from the already available braking and parking features found on existing vehicles. This advanced technology would not only make driving a seemingly more passive act for the driver, but the Department of Transportation says it would also significantly reduce the number of accidents on U.S. roads and alleviate traffic congestion.

We never thought our cars would talk before they could fly, but cars that help reduce accidents and congestion are at least a step in that direction.

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