2013: A Year in Design Books

Despite the fact that many have moved onto reading their regular books and publications on kindles, iPads and other tablets, printing houses dedicated to art books continue to stand their ground, producing volumes of glossy pages that can never be replaced by their digital counterparts.

Art book publishers had a busy year and FastCo Design recently put together a list of their top 10. From a monograph of German infographics pioneer Fritz Kahn, to a book that imagines an eco-friendly future made possible by conscientious design, to what they refer to as “impressive independent publications”, such as Sam Barclay’s I Wonder What It’s Like To Be Dyslexic, which uses artistic typography to visualize what it’s like to read with a learning disability.

All the books are available for purchase via links included in the slideshow. Check out the list on FastCo.



Category: Design