14 Futuristic Farms Growing Produce Indoors, Some in Near to Total Darkness


As technology evolves over the years, more and more exciting possibilities become open to us, bridging chasms that once separated us from accomplishing previously impossible tasks. The pairing of science and industry often yields positive results enhancing and increasing the betterment of our everyday lives. In the year 2013, the agriculture industry is one of the most hopeful, exhibiting the ability to grow produce indoors away from many atmospheric and elemental obstacles and also without need for harmful chemicals and pesticides. Rather than being enslaved and limited by their surrounding climate and conditions, farms are now being developed completely indoors consistently replicating optimal growing conditions regardless of location. These high-tech farms achieve this utilizing different methods controlling light, temperature, humidity, air quality and nutrition. Here, you’ll find a collection of various indoor farms growing anything from endives (in complete darkness) all the way to soybeans in space.




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