13 Tech Inventions from 2013 That You Probably Missed


Here at ClubFlyersMag, we had our hands full trying to keep with all the new tech inventions that 2013 brought the world. This year, we saw everything from inventions that are useful and can save the planet, to those that are fun and for pure entertainment, but nonetheless amazing. The Tech Age is moving along at speeds faster than the Industrial Revolution and every year our lives are vastly different from the last.

Although we did our best to catch the most notable, it would be impossible for us to say we reported every amazing invention that came out in 2013. This list features 13 of the most incredible tech inventions of the year that you may not have heard of, including an app that captures your dreams, 3D printed shoes made of protocells, and electric bicycle wheels. We can scarcely imagine what 2014 has to offer, but look forward to discovering it with you.




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