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table tents Table tents can be useful for reaching clients that have already walked into your establishment. They can commonly be found in various bars, restaurants and clubs, announcing upcoming events and drink specials, as well as highlighting special sales promotions or select menu items. Table tents, however , are not limited to use within the food-service industry. From retailers, to real estate agents, to furniture sales, table tents are a great way to call attention to any number of features. In conjunction with a flyer distribution or poster campaign that uses similar imagery, a table tent can help solidify your branding and establish recognition in your target market - even serving as a point of conversation.

  • Lure Them In - When creating a table tent, be sure to use an attractive image that draws the eye to the tent. This is especially easy for food-service advertisers, who can easily use images of their promoted products, new arrivals or special deals to entice customers.
  • Keep it Simple - Customers are likely to pick up the table tent to read it further, but be sure to keep your message concise to keep them reading. No one likes a wall of text, and customers are more likely to successfully digest your message if it is given in bite sizes.
  • Use a QR Code - Take advantage of the large number of people who now [] carry smartphones by allowing them to access additional content straight from the table tent. a qr code can be unobtrusive to a design, and can be a great way to keep the text off your printed design, and on your website.
  • Get Fancy - Just like business cards and flyers, take advantage of your printer’s various printing capabilities to help your table tent get noticed. Use and Satin options to add texture and sheen to your designs, and help them stand out and get noticed.
  • Mix it Up - Especially if placing a number of table tents within line of sight, mixing up designs can add to table tents’ appeal by creating visual stimulation. Because table tents are cost effective and can be completed in runs of as little as 250, creating multiple designs is neither labor intensive nor expensive.
Below are some of our favorite table tent designs and uses, many of which can be easily tailored to a number of uses, and quickly designed by an experienced designer to suit your needs. 6a010536d69598970c016761502182970b-640wi Restaurants can easily showcase new products and featured specials with full bleed images. cot_lg5 Using your company logo can help enforce your brand identity and establish your business. tent-img Use a bright design and take advantage of both sides of a table tent to announce sales and specials at your establishment. 199d8a30d09eae198041711aa825fe83 Table tents can advertise your social media profiles, and incite followers and repeat visits through special check in promotions. 359c9e95bb05dfd7b78408725cb99a07 Adding a QR code to take advantage of smart phone capabilities can easily connect your patrons to your social media or website.

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